Produced by: Roger Nichols
Co-produced by: Dave Nelson & C. Fitzpatrick
Recorded by: Dave Nelson, Outpost Studios, San Francisco, CA
2nd Engineer: Miik Dinko
Mixed & Mastered by: Roger Nichols @ Digital Atomics
Graphic Design: Ashlee Nichols & Amelia Nardinelli

Composition, flutes, keyboards & percussion: Cynth
Crystal bowls & vocals: Sam Jackson
Soundscapes: Roger Nichols & Dave Nelson
Keyboards on “Aria”: Travis Ames
Flutes are handmade by the artist

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Songlist/Liner Notes

1. HEALER (9:17) - Mahogany Native American flute, water drum, Chinese gong, night crickets that calm our being, a healing desert storm.
The greatest healer is our own body. It knits skin and bone back together and the breath can take us to the divine. There are also those gifted ones who help us to heal.They come into our lives as a soothing rain or sometimes like a cleansing thunder storm. We need them all and I honor them with this song of gratitude.

2. BELLA LUNA (7:11) - Black bamboo flute, owls from the northwestern islands of the United States.
This is one of the first flutes I made and one of my favorites. Under a February full moon this song came through. Ah, the mysteries of the moon. She rules the tides, sharpens knives and makes our gardens grow. The ancient’s calendar was based on the moon’s cycle of 13 months.
Go figure.

3. MERCY ROAD (6:41) - Curved brown bamboo flute, crystal bowls, Chinese gong, vocals & soundscapes.
I named the flute I play on this song “Quan Yin,” for the Chinese goddess of mercy and compassion. I feel close to her and one day I hope to live on Mercy Road.

4. ARIA (3:42)Italian black bamboo flute, soundscapes & vocals.
The aria springs from the depths of the human heart. I sit on a cliff overlooking the sea in Italy, honoring the beauty their civilization has given to our world.

5. MY JOY (5:33) – Mahogany Native American flute, piano, my Dad’s pre-war zildgin cymbals, bass, drum, African voices.
This song is in loving memory of Turiyasangitananda also known as Alice Coltrane – my greatest music teacher and the one who put me on the path. She told me, “music can only take you so far, now you need to learn how to go within yourself.” Shortly thereafter I met my teacher and began the journey to that ultimate joy. Thank you Turiya, and watch over me.

6. WORLDSCAPE (15:42) – Bass bamboo flute, crystal bowls, buoy bells, San Francisco foghorns, captains whistle, sea birds, a boat gliding through water / Moroccan black bamboo flute, finger cymbals, zildgin cymbals, camel bells, desert winds and birds / Cambodian brindle bamboo flute, large temple gongs, jungle river birds / C Flute, the voices of children at play, harp, Brazilian drums / Black bamboo flute / church bells of Ireland / voice soundscapes.
This is my quirky musical journey around the world. Starting under the Bay Bridge in San Francisco and ending up in Ireland via Persia, Asia and Brazil. Yes, there are varied forms of musical expression and instruments in this world, but the desire to express from the heart is universal.

7. RIVER OF LOVE (8:51) – Bass blonde bamboo flutes, crystal bowls.
The river starts with melting drops and then travels to the sea. The merging, the carrying, the rapids, the falls - we go through it all. Somehow love guides us to the ocean to merge with its vastness. The most incredible of nature’s cycles.



Total playing time: 57:00

Copyright 2008 CYNTH MX.


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