“While this disc does not specifically tout its healing qualities, the way it's produced and played gives it a natural healing vibration. The thing I love about this disc is how the flutes are overdubbed, often to the accompaniment of Tibetan bowls and bells, blowing like a clear breeze through the cathedral of the mind. But it's heart-centered music as well, especially on "Pyramid" and "Dream Lodge Dancer."

"Seven-time Grammy winner Roger Nichols helped out on production and it shows — even on a simple flute solo. The album, especially on headphones, opens up into an adventure in reverberation and resonance — a true tonic for the heart and mind.”
- Robert Phoenix [eMusic]
Songlist/Liner Notes

Black bamboo flute.
Great teachers do not possess superhuman powers, they are perpetually challenged.
From this they gain their power to balance on the razor's edge, revealing to us our true self and the world we live in.

2. WIND WALKER (4:22)
Pan Pipes, bass bamboo flute, wolves and wind walker.
The NORTH direction represents Breathe of Being known as Wehomah by the Zero Chiefs.

3. RUMI'S FIRE (3:41)
Black bamboo flute, djembe, finger cymbals and tambourine.
Healing is found by caring for the Self, loving the Self and focusing on creation's greatest gift - YOU.

4. TEMPLE PATH (5:12)
Buddhist nuns, bamboo flutes, C flute, temple bowl and bells.
Some tribal people believe that the human voice is sacred, meant only for singing and praying.

5. PYRAMID (8:27)
Two brindle flutes, temple bells and bowls courtesy of Gail Dolgin.
What accompanies us when we leave this world? Memory is the pyramid sun that shines above our head.
It clears and enlightens our path through the darkness of misfortune and the light of good fortune.

6. ALL THERE IS (5:17)
C flute, bamboo flutes, djembe and sleigh bells.
I think about all my teachers and I thank them for their love, care and knowledge.

Small bamboo flutes, the streams of Ohio, birds, crickets and frogs.
When clarity is found, keep her flowing. Then we stay humble and happy.

8. NIGHT BREATH (5:13)
Green bass bamboo flute and water drum.
What breathes us during the comfort of night? While we sleep, daily doings are being recycled.
Life doesn't judge because it has given us permanent and unconditional love.

Native American cherry wood flute.
My dreams are a gift that help me to know where I am going and what I must learn.

10. GIOIA (pronounced "Joya") (12:43)
Oregon bamboo bass flute, C flute and the shores of Maui, Hawaii recorded over a five year period by Roger Nichols.
For my friend who helped me do battle with illusion and find love's true light.

Total playing time: 57:05

Copyright 2007 CYNTH MX.


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